With over 20 years of expertise, we offer high quality measurement and drawing solutions in the yacht building industry. Our services include 3d measuring, preparation of as-build solid surface models and where necessary jigs or complete production drawings.

The Maritime Measurements team is a passionate and dedicated group of professionals with extensive expertise in conducting precise measurements in maritime environments. Our team consists of experienced technicians equipped with high-quality Sokkia measurement equipment, enabling us to measure with the utmost precision.

What sets our team apart is not only our technical proficiency but also our ability to listen to the specific needs of our clients. We understand that each maritime project is unique, and we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that we provide the best possible measurement solutions that meet their requirements and expectations.

At Maritime Measurements, we go beyond data collection. We ensure that our clients receive the measurement data they need for their projects, and if desired, we can also offer additional engineering and production preparation services.

In summary, our team is ready to cater to the measurement needs of clients in maritime sectors, and we consistently strive for the highest possible quality and precision in our measurements and services.

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Proces Maritime Measurements

Customer Inquiry And Specifications

The process begins with a customer inquiry where the client expresses the need for a 3D measurement. They provide details about the specific situation to be measured, such as location, surface area, and the desired timeframe for the measurement.


Our Maritime Measurements team initiates the job request and schedules the measurement based on the customer's specifications. This includes determining the most suitable date and time for the measurement to ensure all relevant conditions are considered.

On-Site Measurement With High-End Sokkia Equipment

On the scheduled date and time, our team goes to the site equipped with our High-End Sokkia measurement equipment. This advanced device is used to capture detailed measurements of the terrain and surroundings.

Modeling Process

Following the measurement, the collected data is processed at our office. This involves generating a pointcloud, a 3D model composed of a vast collection of points that represent the exact locations of objects and terrain details. This pointcloud serves as an accurate digital representation of the measured environment.


The customer receives the data, typically in a digital format such as a pointcloud file (e.g., .dxf, .dwg, .3dm) or another format suitable for their needs. They can use this data for their own analysis, design, or production.

Optional Engineering And Production Preparation

If desired, our Maritime Measurements team can also provide additional engineering services based on the collected data.

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BIM Engineering

Maritime Engineering

Maritime Project Management

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