KORTELS Maritime Consultancy has over 15 years of global experience in capital maritime projects. Our aim is to be a knowledge center to our clients and provide guidance on identifying, developing and expediting opportunities. We work via several building blocks and start with a client intake to present the way forward.

  1. KORTELS designs the business case with the client
  2. KORTELS builds the partnerships required to expedite the business case
  3. KORTELS develops financing solutions to support the business case
  4. KORTELS assists with the life time support programs required to support the business case
  5. KORTELS develops the operational required tools from the board to the operation

The team of KORTELS experts have extensive experience in the building and construction of superyachts, patrol boats, offshore oil and gas industry and harbor and terminal operations. Both on working with shipyards and shipowners as well as with governments and investment funds.

KORTELS services

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